Asbestos Contracting

January 23, 2021

Asbestos Contracting specialises in asbestos removal from commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Our team are qualified and experienced, and follow removal processes that adhere to national regulations to ensure your family or staff are safe.

For more information about how to get rid of asbestos, see our FAQs. Then, contact us about our asbestos removal costs.

Residential asbestos removal

Discovered you have an asbestos ceiling in you home? Asbestos Contracting helps home owners remove all asbestos building materials and contamination safely, leaving your property safe for your family – and pets.


From asbestos roofs and AC pipes to contaminated soil, Asbestos Contracting will remove all asbestos materials from your commercial property, including schools, hospitals, warehouses and chemical plants.

Answers to your FAQs

Did you know that asbestos was widely used in the New Zealand building industry until the 1980s? Want to know more? See our frequently asked questions including the health risks and how to get rid of asbestos.

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